NsHL Application
General Information
Please e-mail the board of directors and answer the
following questions in order:

1.  State your full name

2.  Include the city and state (or province) you currently

3.  List your top 4 teams in order of priority*

4.  List the number of FHL sim leagues you are active in.  
Please list a reference league if you are currently active in
one or more.

5.  Do you have any journalism, acting, or role playing

6.  Write a 150 word "in character" press release about the
team you wish to manage. For instance, if I was
interviewing for the TB Lightning I may start by writing,
"The Lightning Hired GM John Doe today in a move that
sent shockwaves through the hockey community.  The new
GM stated he planned on making some tough decisions in
regards to the future of the organization."etc., etc.

7. Age (we do
not consider GMs on the basis of race,
creed, age or religion).

8.  Please add any other information that you feel may be
necessary for application (ex. business experience,
personal references, other experiences,etc.).

Applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors and by the
Commissioner of the National sim Hockey League.

Please send application to:
:  commissioner@nsimhl.com
We currently have a waiting list.  If you are interested in getting your foot in the NsHL door, your best move may be to try to
become an Asst. GM and GM of an AsHL team.  NsHL GMs are looking for personnel to run their minor league affiliates.  
Apply on the message board under "JOB OPENINGS". Thank you for your interest in the NsHL.  We are the premier FHL
simulation hockey league on the net and we thank you for visiting
www.nsimhl.com !  .
The Commissioner, the Board of Directors, and
the current GMs of the NsHL thank you for your
interest and for your time.  Expect a response
within 48 hours unless the league office is closed.  
If the League office is closed a response will be
given as soon as possible.