The Official NsHL GM Startup Kit
Mark Kopsack-Director of Media/Director of the NsHLPA

AOL: Jumboslapper
ICQ: #65089562

Nathan Kopsack-Commissioner

AOL: doubledown724
ICQ: #67029010

Mike Henderson-NsHLPA/Roster Management
ICQ: #313972652
First and foremost, the Commissioner, the Board of
Directors, the Board of Governors, and the other GMs of the
NsHL would like to welcome you to the league.  Are you
overwhelmed yet?  It is a lot to learn at first, however, once
you learn the proper steps the processes will become second
nature to you, trust us.  If you have any questions at any
time please feel free to use the contact list at the end of the
page.  All of these gentlemen are more than happy to help
you at any time.
The following is a compiled list of websites, necessary downloads, links, and information
that will be required for league participation.  Please follow the directions and ask for
help if you need it.
1. The NsHL utilizes the Simon T Hockey Simulator.  You will need to download the STHS
CLIENT if you do not already have it installed.  The STHS CLIENT allows you to set your lines,
analyze statistics, look at payroll, etc.  Click here to download:
2.  Please send the commissioner your active ICQ number.  If you do not have ICQ you must
download it.  To download go to the
ICQ download website and obtain either the pro version
or the Lite version, whichever you prefer.  A valid ICQ number will be required for league
participation.  We also utilize Skype, MSN, Facebook and other communication methods.
3.  Submit your Player Development Points (PDPs).  Please read the constitution if you have
questions as the usage of these points are very well described. (PDPs are submitted before the
start of each season.  Mid-term PDPs are to be submitted at the league designated time[normally
at the halfway point of the season])
All New GM's MUST read
4.  Submit your position changes (if any).  A player's position can only be changed to what is
listed on the reference site.  The NsHL is using as the current reference site.  You can
check your player positions here:
5.  Access the NsHL message board and sign up.  Please use the following format for your
visible site name:

Again, the NsHL welcomes you and looks forward to your
participation and competition.
Contact List
Helpful Links
6.  The NsHL utilizes our own NsHL Chatroom for our Entry Draft. The Chatroom is accessed
from the NsHL Mainpage by clicking on the NsHL Chat icon.