Welcome to the Home Office
of the NsHL
A leader in FHL Hockey Simulation
Nathan J. Kopsack

Nathan has been a hockey fan for almost 15 years and has been a fantasy hockey
participater for over 5 years.  Nathan has held board positions before in other FHL
leagues and brings an enormous amount of knowledge and experience to the NsHL.  
Nate has been the iron head of the group-pushing the league above the standard of
other simulation leagues.  Although the NsHL has been the product of countless hours
of brainstorming and formulation, it is Nate who has put for the effort into putting the
ideas into concrete form.
"Good communication (within the BOD), hard work,
knowledge  and dedication are all keys to the success of the National sim Hockey
League."-Commissioner Nathan Kopsack
The Commissioner's Office
Scouting Committee &
Roster Management
Chairperson:  Nathan

Roster Manager:  Mike Henderson
Known for playing the devil's advocate, Mike has
made himself a student of the sim in an effort to
completely figure the concept out.  As most sim
league GM's know,, the sim is mysterious and
works in weird and wacky ways.  This doesn't stop
Mike from spending countless hours analyzing lines,
ice time, injuries, and team rosters.  Mike has been  a
true fan, an intense competitor, and has had success
in just about every fantasy endevour he has
dedicated time to.  Mike is going to serve as the
roster "police" and will make sure that players are in
their correct positions.
Director of Media Services &
League Operations
Chairperson/Director: Roger Gorbet
The Media Services/League Operations position will
oversee website creation , website improvements, as
well as GM involvement with featured articles and
message board posts.  The Media department will work
in conjunction with the Commissioner in order to recruit
new, competent, general managers.  The Media
Services/League Operations position will  oversee the
ESN website.
Finance Committee/Arbitration Committee
National sim Hockey League Player Association (NsHLPA)
Chairperson:  Roger Gorbet-President BoG
DIRECTOR: Mark Kopsack

Player Agents and Teams:

Mark Kopsack-

Mike Henderson-

Daniel Presseau-

Jack Dagnese-
Roger is the president of the BOG who has shown his dedication and
support for the NsHL, AsHL, and ECsHL.  Roger brings a wealth of
knowledge and fresh ideas to the NsHL.  We are excited to have him
on board.
Committee Member: Nathan Kopsack
Committee Member: Adam Taylor (PHX)
Committee Member: Nathan Kopsack (LA)
Committee Member: Mark Kopsack
Talk hockey in the lounge. Must be 21 with valid ID. :)
The Commissioner- Nathan Kopsack
NsHLPA Director-Mark Kopsack
Board of Directors Members
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Board of Governors Members
Nathan Kopsack
Mike Henderson
Mark Kopsack
Rich DeChellis
Roger Gorbet
Dave Cherniwchan
Dan Presseau
Jack Dagnese
Andrew Drummond
Adam Taylor
Rob Lee
Gavin Gear