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Season 14

By Ron Jones on Wednesday, November 23, 2016 at 20:36

Good Luck all .. even Cherni!

Anaheim Looking for Depth Defenseman, Backup Goaltender, and Seasoned AsHL Netminder

By Mark Kopsack on Sunday, April 17, 2016 at 14:40

Anaheim, CA.- GM Mark Kopsack confirmed just days before the trade deadline that he was interested in acquring a Backup goaltender and a depth defenseman for the Anaheim Ducks as well as a seasonsed AsHL goaltender for his Louisville team. "We want to be prepared for any scenario heading down the stretch," Kopsack told reporters. "We have had all kinds of injuries this season and we simply want to be ready for any contingency." Kopsack told reporters that many GMs will hold out until the deadline in hopes of a miracle offer, however, in most ocassions end up taking a lot less when immense volume rolls out. "It happens every year when GMs hold out for a miracle return and they end up holding a fresh box of Wyoming air," Kopsack joked. "Instead of playing the roullete wheel on deadline day, come talk to Anaheim if you have a player that fits this description. We will pay top dollar today."

Anaheim Welcomes Mikko Koivu

By Mark Kopsack on Wednesday, March 09, 2016 at 12:23

Anaheim, CA.- It appears as though the Anaheim Duck organization wasted no time in finding a temporary replacement for injured veteran forward Henrik Zetterberg when they acquired 32 year old center, Mikko Koivu, Wednesday morning from the Calgary Flames. Rumored to be heading to Calgary in the deal for the Finnish forward are three selections in the 2016 NsHL entry draft.

Latest Trade, Waiver, Injury & Suspension Transactions

[5/19/2017 4:43:09 PM] - Antti Niemi from Pittsburgh Penguins is back from Exhaustion.
[5/19/2017 4:43:09 PM] - Darren Dietz from Denver Spurs is back from Bruised Right Leg Injury.
[5/19/2017 4:43:09 PM] - Patric Hornqvist from St. Louis Blues is back from Exhaustion.
[5/19/2017 4:19:03 PM] - Lee Stempniak from Boston Bruins is back from Exhaustion.
[5/19/2017 4:19:02 PM] - Antti Niemi from Pittsburgh Penguins injured (Exhaustion)
[5/19/2017 4:19:01 PM] - Patric Hornqvist from St. Louis Blues is injured from Exhaustion.
[5/18/2017 4:55:46 PM] - Mike Matheson from Calgary Flames is back from Bruised Left Leg Injury.
[5/18/2017 4:55:45 PM] - Game 1219 - Mike Matheson from Calgary Flames is injured (Bruised Left Leg) and is out for 1 days.
[5/18/2017 4:55:43 PM] - Game 1211 - Jonathan Ericsson from Toronto Maple Leafs is injured (Bruised Right Arm) and is out for 2 weeks.
[5/18/2017 4:55:43 PM] - Lee Stempniak from Boston Bruins is injured from Exhaustion.
Top 5 Point
Sidney Crosby (COL)37-64-101
Evgeni Malkin (FLA)46-47-93
Ryan Getzlaf (ANH)41-48-89
Travis Zajac (WPG)34-48-82
Sean Monahan (PHI)24-58-82

Top 5 Goal
Evgeni Malkin (FLA)82 - 46
Ryan Getzlaf (ANH)82 - 41
Jamie Benn (WSH)82 - 38
Sidney Crosby (COL)82 - 37
Patrick Kane (BUF)82 - 37

Top 5 Goalies
Carey Price (ANH)49 - 0.929
Sergei Bobrovsky (COL)45 - 0.927
Jaroslav Halak (NSH)47 - 0.922
James Reimer (PHI)38 - 0.920
Frederik Andersen (CAR)40 - 0.919