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1| or  OR Logical "or" (Vertical bar). Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the bar
2 &&  or  AND Logical "and". Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the operator.
3/\d/Add any regex to the query to use in the query ("mig" flags can be included /\w/mig)
4< <= >= >Find alphabetical or numerical values less than or greater than or equal to the filtered query
5! or !=Not operator, or not exactly match. Filter the column with content that do not match the query. Include an equal (=), single (') or double quote (") to exactly not match a filter.
6" or =To exactly match the search query, add a quote, apostrophe or equal sign to the beginning and/or end of the query
7 -  or  to Find a range of values. Make sure there is a space before and after the dash (or the word "to")
8?Wildcard for a single, non-space character.
8*Wildcard for zero or more non-space characters.
9~Perform a fuzzy search (matches sequential characters) by adding a tilde to the beginning of the query
10textAny text entered in the filter will match text found within the column
Prospect Team NameDraft Year Overall Pick Information Lien
A.J. GreerNashville Predators201537
Aapeli RasanenNew Jersey Devils2016145
Aarne TalvitieCarolina Hurricanes2017153
Aaron HarstadOttawa Senators2011158
Aaron IrvingFlorida Panthers2014176
Adam BrooksCalgary Flames201689
Adam FoxColorado Avalanche201670
Adam GaudetteBoston Bruins2015156
Adam HuskaArizona Coyotes2015196
Adam MarshNew Jersey Devils2015178
Adam MascherinChicago Blackhawks201642
Adam MusilMontreal Canadiens2015115
Adam Ollas MattssonNew Jersey Devils2014138
Adam ParsellsTampa Bay Lightning2015147
Adam RuzickaMinnesota Wild201776
Adam SmithSt. Louis Blues2016188
Adam WernerLos Angeles Kings2016102
Adam WilcoxNashville Predators2011177
Adin HillNew Jersey Devils201563
Aidan MuirNew Jersey Devils2013130
Aleksi HeponiemiColorado Avalanche201744
Aleksi MakelaLos Angeles Kings2013199
Aleksi SaarelaBuffalo Sabres201592
Ales StezkaVancouver Canucks2015119
Alex AleardiVancouver Canucks
Alex DostieChicago Blackhawks2016150
Alex FormentonToronto Maple Leafs201748
Alex KerfootCarolina Hurricanes2012159
Alex LepkowskiNew York Islanders2011159
Alex LintuniemiCalgary Flames201456
Alex NedeljkovicColorado Avalanche201423
Alex SchoenbornCarolina Hurricanes201497
Alexander ChmelevskiDallas Stars2017127
Alexander DebrincatEdmonton Oilers201621
Alexander DergachyovNew Jersey Devils201577
Alexander KadeykinBuffalo Sabres2014134
Alexander PetersToronto Maple Leafs201474
Alexander RuuttuMinnesota Wild201169
Alexander VolkovMinnesota Wild201763
Alexandre BelangerToronto Maple Leafs2013154
Alexandre MalletCalgary Flames201283
Alexandre TexierCarolina Hurricanes201781
Alexei LipanovAnaheim Ducks201758
Alexey ToropchenkoColumbus Blue Jackets2017109
Alexis PepinTampa Bay Lightning2014107
Alexis VanierPittsburgh Penguins2014101
Alfons MalmstromWashington Capitals2016151
Anatoli GolyshevPhiladelphia Flyers201688
Anders BjorkNew York Islanders2014140
Andong SongBoston Bruins2015180
Andreas SoderbergBoston Bruins2014132
Andrei AltybarmakyanDallas Stars201791
Andrei MironovSan Jose Sharks2015135
Andrei SvetlakovSt. Louis Blues2017172
Andrew FritschVancouver Canucks2011142
Andrew PeekeTampa Bay Lightning201650
Anthony AngelloSan Jose Sharks2014121
Anthony CamaraDallas Stars201185
Anthony CirelliMinnesota Wild201570
Anthony FlorentinoAnaheim Ducks2013113
Anthony LouisCarolina Hurricanes2013180
Anthony RichardChicago Blackhawks2015103
Anthony SalinitriSan Jose Sharks2016199
Antoine MorandToronto Maple Leafs201778
Anton AnderssonSt. Louis Blues2017187
Anton CederholmToronto Maple Leafs2013153
Anton KarlssonOttawa Senators201457
Antti PalojarviSt. Louis Blues2017178
Arnaud DurandeauColumbus Blue Jackets2017199
Artem SergeevNew York Islanders
Artur GavrusDallas Stars2012162
Artur KayumovTampa Bay Lightning201664
Arvid HenrikssonWashington Capitals2016202
Arvid HolmToronto Maple Leafs2017168
Austin OsmanskiPittsburgh Penguins2016185
Austin PoganskiSan Jose Sharks2014111
Austin WagnerAnaheim Ducks201590
Avery PetersonBoston Bruins2013168
Axel HolmstromColumbus Blue Jackets2014149
Axel Jonsson-FjallbyDallas Stars2016132
Beau StarrettCarolina Hurricanes201485
Beck MalenstynWinnipeg Jets2016113
Ben JonesDallas Stars2017170
Ben StormWashington Capitals2013172
Benjamin FinklesteinSt. Louis Blues2016190
Benjamin MirageasNew York Islanders201789
Benton MaassToronto Maple Leafs2017195
Blaine ByronDetroit Red Wings2013201
Blake HeinrichPittsburgh Penguins2013155
Blake HillmanWinnipeg Jets2016170
Blake SiebenalerAnaheim Ducks201472
Blake SpeersSan Jose Sharks201573
Bogdan YakimovCarolina Hurricanes201380
Bokondji ImamaBuffalo Sabres2015177
Boris KatchoukPhiladelphia Flyers201634
Brad MorrisonWinnipeg Jets2015104
Brad RossCalgary Flames
Brady GilmourCarolina Hurricanes2017174
Brandon BaddockCalgary Flames2014146
Brandon CrawleyColumbus Blue Jackets2017156
Brandon DuhaimeTampa Bay Lightning2016133
Brandon GignacCarolina Hurricanes201692
Brandon HagelToronto Maple Leafs2016144
Brandon HalversonArizona Coyotes201466
Brandon HickeyToronto Maple Leafs201479
Brayden ChizenSan Jose Sharks2016183
Brendan CollierNew Jersey Devils2012209
Brendan De JongCalgary Flames2017151
Brendan GuhleBoston Bruins201571
Brendan LemieuxBuffalo Sabres201429
Brendan WarrenWashington Capitals2015124
Brent GatesNashville Predators201586
Brett DavisColumbus Blue Jackets2017186
Brett McKenzieSan Jose Sharks2016187
Brett MurrayToronto Maple Leafs2016103
Brett PollockDetroit Red Wings201441
Brett SeneyNew York Rangers2015173
Brian CooperCarolina Hurricanes2012111
Brian PinhoFlorida Panthers2013148
Brock BoeserColorado Avalanche201524
Brooks MacekVancouver Canucks2010146
Bryce MisleyCalgary Flames2017110
Brycen MartinPittsburgh Penguins201463
C.J. SuessColumbus Blue Jackets2014181
Cale FleuryVancouver Canucks201779
Cale MakarBoston Bruins20173
Caleb JonesEdmonton Oilers2015108
Callan FooteDallas Stars201720
Calle SjalinColumbus Blue Jackets2017169
Callum BoothCalgary Flames201583
Calvin PetersenBuffalo Sabres2013149
Calvin ThurkaufMinnesota Wild2016186
Cam DineenBuffalo Sabres201663
Cameron ClarkeNew Jersey Devils2016181
Cameron CrottyFlorida Panthers2017102
Cameron HughesBoston Bruins2015153
Cameron MorrisonBuffalo Sabres201656
Carl GrundstromToronto Maple Leafs201669
Carl NeillVancouver Canucks2015144
Carsen TwarynskiCalgary Flames201678
Carson MeyerChicago Blackhawks2017201
Carson SoucyNew Jersey Devils2013160
Carter HartMinnesota Wild201637
Casey FitzgeraldSan Jose Sharks2016106
Casey MittelstadtChicago Blackhawks20179
Casey StaumNew Jersey Devils2016159
Cayden PrimeauMontreal Canadiens2017143
Cedric ParePhiladelphia Flyers2017205
Chad KrysLos Angeles Kings201640
Charles McAvoyWashington Capitals201618
Chase PearsonArizona Coyotes2015137
Chase PerryNew York Islanders2014136
Chase PriskiePittsburgh Penguins2016179
Chaz ReddekoppColorado Avalanche2015183
Chris CalnanColumbus Blue Jackets201297
Chris LeblancChicago Blackhawks2013157
Chris MartenetAnaheim Ducks201597
Chris WilkieMontreal Canadiens2015185
Christian JarosVancouver Canucks2015133
Christian WolaninBoston Bruins2015116
Christoffer EhnSt. Louis Blues2014127
Christopher BrownFlorida Panthers2014143
Christopher PaquetteDallas Stars2016131
Clark BishopFlorida Panthers2014126
Clayton KellerColorado Avalanche20168
Clayton PhillipsVancouver Canucks201787
Cliff PuPhiladelphia Flyers201651
Cliff WatsonVancouver Canucks2012193
Cody GlassDetroit Red Wings20174
Cody PaynePhiladelphia Flyers2012161
Cole CandellaDetroit Red Wings2016112
Cole FraserCalgary Flames2017130
Cole GuttmanNew York Rangers2017208
Cole HultsWashington Capitals2017171
Colin BlackwellMinnesota Wild2011204
Colin SuellentropNew York Rangers2011125
Colin SullivanDetroit Red Wings2011186
Colin WhiteWashington Capitals201516
Collin AdamsSt. Louis Blues2016198
Collin OlsonWashington Capitals2012150
Colton PointBuffalo Sabres201691
Colton WhiteBuffalo Sabres201581
Conner BleackleyTampa Bay Lightning201419
Connor BunnamanToronto Maple Leafs2016105
Connor CliftonToronto Maple Leafs2013120
Connor HallFlorida Panthers201676
Connor HobbsToronto Maple Leafs2015146
Connor HurleyPittsburgh Penguins201342
Connor IngramBuffalo Sabres201679
Conor GarlandChicago Blackhawks2015111
Conor TimminsMinnesota Wild201733
Cooper MarodyBuffalo Sabres2015141
Corey DurocherNew Jersey Devils2010173
Cristiano DiGiacintoNew Jersey Devils2014209
Croix EvingsonFlorida Panthers2017196
D'Artagnan JolyFlorida Panthers2017166
Dakota JoshuaToronto Maple Leafs2014144
Damien RiatPittsburgh Penguins2016125
Dane BirksPhiladelphia Flyers2013186
Daniel BernhardtWinnipeg Jets2015109
Daniel BukacArizona Coyotes2017177
Daniel SprongSt. Louis Blues201538
Daniel VladarSan Jose Sharks201576
Daniel ZaarNashville Predators2012182
Daniil TarasovSt. Louis Blues201775
Daniil ZharkovTampa Bay Lightning201261
Dante FabbroCalgary Flames201620
David BernhardtCalgary Flames2016161
David CottonTampa Bay Lightning2015139
David DrakeNew York Rangers2013207
David FarranceSt. Louis Blues201764
David KaseNew Jersey Devils2015127
David NoelChicago Blackhawks2017113
David PopeVancouver Canucks2013104
David QuennevilleChicago Blackhawks2016180
David RundbladNew Jersey Devils
David WestlundChicago Blackhawks2014201
Dean StewartColumbus Blue Jackets2016205
Denis SmirnovSt. Louis Blues2017124
Dennis CholowskiDetroit Red Wings201624
Dennis GilbertCarolina Hurricanes201585
Dennis YanTampa Bay Lightning201549
Devante StephensDallas Stars201593
Deven SideroffChicago Blackhawks2015106
Dillon DubeNew York Islanders201653
Dmitri SamorukovMinnesota Wild201774
Dmitri SinitsynArizona Coyotes2012137
Dmitri ZhukenovCarolina Hurricanes2015134
Dmitry SokolovEdmonton Oilers2016165
Dmitry ZaitsevSt. Louis Blues2016200
Dmytro TimashovOttawa Senators2015117
Dominic ToninatoToronto Maple Leafs2012124
Dominic TurgeonMinnesota Wild201450
Dominik KubalikFlorida Panthers2013159
Dominik LakatosNew York Rangers2017167
Doyle SomerbyChicago Blackhawks2012142
Drake BathersonChicago Blackhawks2017128
Drake RymshaBuffalo Sabres2017139
Dwyer TschantzSan Jose Sharks2014197
Dylan FergusonEdmonton Oilers2017162
Dylan GambrellTampa Bay Lightning201673
Dylan SadowyWinnipeg Jets201461
Dylan SambergCarolina Hurricanes201753
Dylan SikuraLos Angeles Kings2014169
Dylan StromeColorado Avalanche20153
Dylan WellsToronto Maple Leafs2016119
Dysin MayoMinnesota Wild201452
Eamon McAdamPhiladelphia Flyers201396
Edgars KuldaColorado Avalanche2014105
Edward WittchowCarolina Hurricanes2011155
Eeli TolvanenColorado Avalanche201724
Eemeli RasanenMinnesota Wild201742
Eetu LuostarinenNew York Rangers201755
Eetu MakiniemiColumbus Blue Jackets2017137
Eetu TuulolaBuffalo Sabres2016124
Elias PetterssonTampa Bay Lightning201711
Elvis MerzlikinsSan Jose Sharks201492
Emil BemstromOttawa Senators2017154
Emil JohanssonNew Jersey Devils2014157
Emil MolinPittsburgh Penguins2011128
Emil PetterssonPittsburgh Penguins2013165
Erik BrannstromBoston Bruins201722
Erik CernakPittsburgh Penguins201572
Erik FoleyNew Jersey Devils201580
Erik KallgrenColorado Avalanche2015203
Erik KarlssonCarolina Hurricanes201269
Erik NystromColumbus Blue Jackets2012127
Erik Walli WalterholmNew York Islanders2017209
Ethan BearSan Jose Sharks201567
Evan BarrattEdmonton Oilers201777
Evan CampbellArizona Coyotes2013150
Evan CormierNew York Islanders2016100
Evan CowleyNew York Islanders2013107
Evan FitzpatrickWashington Capitals201649
Evan SmithPhiladelphia Flyers2015209
Fabian ZetterlundChicago Blackhawks201768
Fabrice HerzogMinnesota Wild2013161
Fedor GordeevWashington Capitals2017181
Felix SandstromCalgary Flames201561
Filip AhlVancouver Canucks201587
Filip BerglundBoston Bruins2016126
Filip ChlapikSan Jose Sharks201544
Filip ChytilBoston Bruins201725
Filip GustavssonSt. Louis Blues201632
Filip HeltColorado Avalanche2016207
Filip HronekSt. Louis Blues201647
Filip LarssonDallas Stars2016176
Filip WesterlundColorado Avalanche201767
Francis BeauvillierMontreal Canadiens2012169
Francis PerronCalgary Flames2014198
Frans TuohimaaTampa Bay Lightning2011184
Frederic AllardNew Jersey Devils201675
Frederik OlofssonBoston Bruins201481
Frederik TiffelsSt. Louis Blues2015110
Fredric LarssonSt. Louis Blues2012128
Fredrik BergvikNew York Islanders2013137
Fredrik KarlstromNew Jersey Devils2016111
Gabriel CarlssonMinnesota Wild201531
Gabriel FontaineNew Jersey Devils2016196
Gabriel GagneWinnipeg Jets201556
Gabriel VilardiCalgary Flames20177
Gabryel Paquin-BoudreauCalgary Flames201359
Gage AusmusBoston Bruins2013144
Garrett HaarNew Jersey Devils2011208
Garrett MetcalfOttawa Senators2015202
Garrett PilonPittsburgh Penguins201695
German RubtsovSt. Louis Blues201619
Gilles SennCalgary Flames2017125
Giorgio EstephanMontreal Canadiens2015175
Givani SmithDallas Stars201657
Glenn GawdinPhiladelphia Flyers2015128
Graham KnottSan Jose Sharks201560
Graham McPheePhiladelphia Flyers2016118
Grant BesseNew York Islanders2013167
Grant MismashSt. Louis Blues201750
Gregory HofmannColorado Avalanche201164
Guillaume BriseboisCarolina Hurricanes201552
Gustav BourammanColorado Avalanche2015182
Gustav LindstromMinnesota Wild201757
Gustav OlhaverArizona Coyotes2015159
Gustav PosslerToronto Maple Leafs2013139
Hampus MelenCalgary Flames2013196
Hardy Haman AktellPittsburgh Penguins2016110
Hayden HawkeyMontreal Canadiens2014155
Henri JokiharjuMinnesota Wild201736
Henri KiviahoColumbus Blue Jackets2012158
Henrik BorgstromWashington Capitals201639
Hudson ElynuikBoston Bruins201690
Hugo FagerblomColumbus Blue Jackets2014151
Hunter SmithMinnesota Wild201443
Ian MitchellTampa Bay Lightning201771
Ian ScottSan Jose Sharks201762
Igor BobkovCalgary Flames
Igor ShesterkinSan Jose Sharks2014113
Igor ShvyrevOttawa Senators2017144
Ilya SamsonovDallas Stars201514
Ilya SorokinNew Jersey Devils201473
Isaac RatcliffeToronto Maple Leafs201728
Ivan ChekhovichSt. Louis Blues2017132
Ivan ChukarovPhiladelphia Flyers2015208
Ivan FedotovBuffalo Sabres2015195
Ivan LodniaTampa Bay Lightning2017101
Ivan NalimovWinnipeg Jets2014152
Ivan TeleginFlorida Panthers201058
Jack BadiniWinnipeg Jets201784
Jack BeckerBoston Bruins2015200
Jack GloverSt. Louis Blues201449
Jack KopackaWinnipeg Jets201671
Jack LaFontaineCalgary Flames201665
Jack RamseyBuffalo Sabres2014192
Jack RathboneEdmonton Oilers2017103
Jack SadekFlorida Panthers2015189
Jack StudnickaVancouver Canucks201773
Jacob BrysonDetroit Red Wings201793
Jacob CederholmDallas Stars201687
Jacob FriendSan Jose Sharks2016209
Jacob GoldenColumbus Blue Jackets2017175
Jacob JacksonBuffalo Sabres2013184
Jacob LarssonColumbus Blue Jackets201528
Jacob McGrewPhiladelphia Flyers2017184
Jacob MoverareLos Angeles Kings201697
Jacob PaquetteNashville Predators2017149
Jacob PetersonColumbus Blue Jackets2017163
Jaden LindoDetroit Red Wings2014161
Jaedon DescheneauOttawa Senators201484
Jake BeanToronto Maple Leafs201615
Jake BischoffPittsburgh Penguins2012205
Jake DeBruskNew Jersey Devils201527
Jake EvansMontreal Canadiens2014185
Jake KupskySan Jose Sharks2015190
Jake LeschyshynVancouver Canucks201770
Jake MassiePittsburgh Penguins2015184
Jake OettingerEdmonton Oilers201719
Jake RyczekPhiladelphia Flyers2016208
Jakob Forsbacka KarlssonDallas Stars201546
Jakob StenqvistSt. Louis Blues2016172
Jakob StukelDetroit Red Wings2016141
Jakub GalvasLos Angeles Kings2017134
Jakub ZborilTampa Bay Lightning201519
James De HaasDetroit Red Wings2012148
James GreenwayNew York Rangers201677
Jan DrozgCalgary Flames2017148
Jani HakanpaaNew Jersey Devils
Janne JuvonenColorado Avalanche2013193
Janne KuokkanenBoston Bruins201658
Jansen HarkinsFlorida Panthers201539
Jared FieglCarolina Hurricanes2014202
Jared KnightBoston Bruins
Jaret Anderson-DolanLos Angeles Kings201732
Jarret TyszkaToronto Maple Leafs2017131
Jason KasdorfNashville Predators2011152
Jason RobertsonCarolina Hurricanes201739
Jayce HawrylukDallas Stars201438
Jean-Christophe BeaudinBoston Bruins201591
Jeff TaylorEdmonton Oilers2014210
Jens LookeNew Jersey Devils201598
Jeremiah AddisonMontreal Canadiens2015155
Jeremy BraccoAnaheim Ducks201543
Jeremy DaviesNew York Islanders2016173
Jeremy HelvigWinnipeg Jets2016147
Jeremy LauzonNew York Islanders201566
Jeremy RoyBuffalo Sabres201525
Jeremy SwaymanPittsburgh Penguins2017120
Jerome LeducCalgary Flames
Jesper BoqvistCarolina Hurricanes201738
Jesper BrattNew York Rangers2016167
Jesper LindgrenArizona Coyotes2015105
Jesper PetterssonPhiladelphia Flyers2014200
Jesse BlackerVancouver Canucks
Jiri PateraLos Angeles Kings2017157
Jiri SekacSt. Louis Blues
Joachim BlichfeldWinnipeg Jets2016206
Jocktan ChaineyChicago Blackhawks2017189
Joe BasarabaPittsburgh Penguins201080
Joe WegwerthDallas Stars2014119
Joel DaccordBuffalo Sabres2015176
Joel Eriksson EkSan Jose Sharks201522
Joel LowryNew Jersey Devils2011136
Joel VerminCalgary Flames
Joey DudekWinnipeg Jets2014189
Johan GustafssonOttawa Senators2010141
Johan MattssonArizona Coyotes2011200
John AdamsTampa Bay Lightning2017161
John DahlstromColorado Avalanche2015207
John MarinoPhiladelphia Flyers2015170
John McCarronWashington Capitals2012186
John NybergNew Jersey Devils2014207
John PerssonArizona Coyotes
John PiccinichWashington Capitals201498
Johnathan KovacevicCalgary Flames201794
Johnathan MacLeodBoston Bruins201462
Jonah GadjovichFlorida Panthers201746
Jonas JohanssonColorado Avalanche201464
Jonas RondbjergVancouver Canucks201782
Jonas SiegenthalerDallas Stars201557
Jonathan AngNew Jersey Devils2016101
Jonathan DahlenEdmonton Oilers201625
Jonathan DavidssonArizona Coyotes2017182
Jonathan DuganPittsburgh Penguins2017142
Jonathan WalkerCalgary Flames2016155
Joni IkonenColorado Avalanche201756
Joni TuulolaBuffalo Sabres2015194
Jonne TammelaOttawa Senators2015142
Joona KoppanenCalgary Flames2016135
Joonas LyytinenChicago Blackhawks2014166
Joonas NattinenColumbus Blue Jackets
Jordan FransooNew York Rangers2011182
Jordan GreenwayToronto Maple Leafs201541
Jordan HollettToronto Maple Leafs2017164
Jordan KyrouBuffalo Sabres201655
Jordan SambrookLos Angeles Kings2016108
Jordan StallardChicago Blackhawks2016123
Joren Van PottelbergheVancouver Canucks2015101
Joseph AndersonLos Angeles Kings201680
Joseph CecconiFlorida Panthers2015129
Joseph MasoniusFlorida Panthers2016194
Joseph WollBoston Bruins201661
Josh AndersonBoston Bruins201684
Josh BrookCalgary Flames201761
Josh WesleyDetroit Red Wings2014131
Joshua EssArizona Coyotes2017198
Joshua MahuraBuffalo Sabres201682
Joshua NorrisEdmonton Oilers201726
Judd PetersonWashington Capitals2012180
Juho LammikkoWashington Capitals201465
Julien GauthierMinnesota Wild201617
Julien PelletierToronto Maple Leafs2014128
Julius NattinenFlorida Panthers201569
Julius VahataloMinnesota Wild2014183
Justin KirklandNashville Predators201454
Justin SeftonVancouver Canucks201172
Juuso ValimakiFlorida Panthers201716
Kaapo KahkonenCarolina Hurricanes201487
Kailer YamamotoColorado Avalanche201713
Kale ClagueMinnesota Wild201659
Kale HowarthCalgary Flames2017155
Karch BachmanToronto Maple Leafs2015157
Karel VejmelkaSan Jose Sharks2015132
Karlis CuksteWinnipeg Jets2015160
Kasper BjorkqvistBoston Bruins201666
Kasper KotkansaloPittsburgh Penguins201796
Keaton MiddletonMinnesota Wild201694
Keaton ThompsonSt. Louis Blues201373
Keegan IversonChicago Blackhawks201490
Keegan KanzigNashville Predators201391
Keegan KolesarColorado Avalanche201568
Keith PetruzzelliCarolina Hurricanes201772
Kelly SummersBuffalo Sabres2014175
Kendall McFaullNashville Predators2010160
Kenton HelgesenAnaheim Ducks2012195
Kevin ElgestalNew York Rangers2014208
Kevin LynchVancouver Canucks200940
Kevin StenlundWashington Capitals201548
Kieffer BellowsBuffalo Sabres201616
Kirill KaprizovDallas Stars2015118
Kirill MaksimovAnaheim Ducks2017118
Kirill UstimenkoLos Angeles Kings2017116
Klim KostinSt. Louis Blues201717
Kole LindMinnesota Wild201723
Konstantin VolkovPittsburgh Penguins2016157
Kris OldhamChicago Blackhawks2015163
Kristian VesalainenCarolina Hurricanes201721
Kristoffer GunnarssonCalgary Flames2017165
Kyle CapobiancoWinnipeg Jets201574
Kyle JenkinsWinnipeg Jets2014173
Kyle OlsonLos Angeles Kings2017112
Kyle PettitNew York Rangers2014179
Kyle SchemppDetroit Red Wings2014191
Lane ZablockiCarolina Hurricanes2017108
Lars VoldenChicago Blackhawks2011194
Leon GawankeChicago Blackhawks2017129
Liam CoughlinNew York Islanders2014170
Liam DundaColumbus Blue Jackets2015198
Liam HawelPhiladelphia Flyers2017135
Lias AnderssonPittsburgh Penguins201710
Libor HajekToronto Maple Leafs201641
Linus ArnessonCarolina Hurricanes201363
Linus HogbergBoston Bruins2016156
Linus LindstromAnaheim Ducks201693
Linus NassenPittsburgh Penguins2016107
Linus OlundWinnipeg Jets2017145
Linus SoderstromChicago Blackhawks2014108
Linus WeissbachNashville Predators2017210
Logan BrownTampa Bay Lightning201613
Logan CockerillToronto Maple Leafs2017180
Logan NelsonPittsburgh Penguins2012133
Logan StanleyNew Jersey Devils201626
Louis BelpedioNew Jersey Devils2014106
Luc SnuggerudAnaheim Ducks201493
Lucas CarlssonNew Jersey Devils2016142
Lucas ElvenesAnaheim Ducks201799
Lucas JohansenMinnesota Wild201633
Lucas LessioPhiladelphia Flyers
Lukas JasekPittsburgh Penguins2015192
Lukas SutterWinnipeg Jets201232
Lukas VejdemoMontreal Canadiens201565
Luke GreenSan Jose Sharks201654
Luke JohnsonCarolina Hurricanes2013142
Luke KuninFlorida Panthers201614
Luke MartinTampa Bay Lightning201745
Luke OpilkaWinnipeg Jets2015136
Luke StevensTampa Bay Lightning2015130
MacKenzie EntwistleWashington Capitals201743
Mackenzie MacEachernToronto Maple Leafs201275
Magnus HellbergCalgary Flames
Maksim SushkoLos Angeles Kings2017146
Maksim ZhukovBoston Bruins2017104
Malte SetkovPhiladelphia Flyers2017126
Manuel WiedererColorado Avalanche2016184
Marc McNultyColorado Avalanche2013185
Marc-Olivier RoyNashville Predators201365
Marcus DavidssonCarolina Hurricanes201751
Marcus HogbergFlorida Panthers201376
Marcus KarlstromDallas Stars2013209
Marcus PetterssonNew Jersey Devils201445
Marcus VelaToronto Maple Leafs2015172
Marek TvrdonNew York Islanders201162
Marian StudenicEdmonton Oilers2017158
Mario FerraroPittsburgh Penguins201766
Mark FriedmanFlorida Panthers201496
Mark ShoemakerSan Jose Sharks2016201
Markus NiemelainenSan Jose Sharks201645
Markus NurmiCalgary Flames2016154
Markus PhillipsLos Angeles Kings201786
Markus RuusuSan Jose Sharks2015152
Markus SobergSt. Louis Blues2013143
Martin GernatNew Jersey Devils2011146
Martin NecasEdmonton Oilers201712
Martin OuelletteNashville Predators2010196
Martin RewayMontreal Canadiens2013132
Martins DzierkalsPittsburgh Penguins2015102
Mason GeertsenOttawa Senators201394
Mason McDonaldColorado Avalanche201444
Mason ShawChicago Blackhawks201798
Matej PaulovicSt. Louis Blues2013163
Matej TomekToronto Maple Leafs201575
Matheson IacopelliChicago Blackhawks201488
Mathew BarzalAnaheim Ducks201511
Mathias FromNew York Islanders2016149
Mathieu Corbiel-TheriaultColumbus Blue Jackets2010114
Mathieu JosephPittsburgh Penguins2015151
Matt BradleyMontreal Canadiens2015125
Matt BrassardDallas Stars2017173
Matt BucklesWashington Capitals201398
Matt FilipeFlorida Panthers201674
Matt MahalakVancouver Canucks2011110
Matt SchmalzSan Jose Sharks2015123
Matt SpencerMinnesota Wild201532
Matt TomkinsVancouver Canucks2012206
Matt UstaskiSan Jose Sharks2014167
Matt VillaltaNew York Rangers201747
Matteo GennaroPhiladelphia Flyers2015188
Matthew BerkovitzFlorida Panthers2014117
Matthew CairnsBoston Bruins201686
Matthew PhillipsSan Jose Sharks2016193
Matthew RoyBuffalo Sabres2015186
Matthew StromeWashington Capitals201780
Mattias BackmanNew Jersey Devils2011135
Mattias ElfstromSan Jose Sharks2016182
Max EversonToronto Maple Leafs2011183
Max FribergVancouver Canucks
Max GildonAnaheim Ducks201769
Max JonesMinnesota Wild201623
Max ZimmerNew Jersey Devils2016116
Maxim LetunovFlorida Panthers201469
Maxim MaminSt. Louis Blues2016166
Maxime ComtoisSan Jose Sharks201735
Maxime LajoieAnaheim Ducks2016122
Maximilian PajpachTampa Bay Lightning2014137
Maxwell WillmanColumbus Blue Jackets2014172
Merrick MadsenPittsburgh Penguins2013182
Michael AndersonFlorida Panthers2017106
Michael BrodzinskiBuffalo Sabres2013162
Michael ClarkeMontreal Canadiens2012143
Michael DiPietroDallas Stars201734
Michael EyssimontSan Jose Sharks2016189
Michael KarowSt. Louis Blues2017147
Michael McLeodSan Jose Sharks201612
Michael ParksNashville Predators2010166
Michael PezzettaAnaheim Ducks2016130
Michael PrapavessisFlorida Panthers2014116
Michael RasmussenSan Jose Sharks20178
Michael SpacekLos Angeles Kings2015120
Michael St. CroixOttawa Senators201187
Miguel FidlerMontreal Canadiens2014187
Mikael VikstrandDallas Stars2012192
Mike McKeeToronto Maple Leafs2012132
Mike RobinsonBoston Bruins201595
Mikhail BerdinPhiladelphia Flyers2016148
Mikhail MaltsevCarolina Hurricanes201699
Mikhail SergachevMontreal Canadiens20166
Mikhail VorobyovBoston Bruins2015126
Mikko VainonenSt. Louis Blues2012109
Miles GendronWashington Capitals2014103
Mirko HoefflinSt. Louis Blues2010172
Miro AaltonenMinnesota Wild2013195
Miro HeiskanenDallas Stars20175
Miro KarjalainenColumbus Blue Jackets2014162
Miroslav SvobodaEdmonton Oilers2015187
Mitch Vande SompelBoston Bruins201589
Mitchell HeardNashville Predators201259
Mitchell MattsonSt. Louis Blues2016129
Mitchell StephensDallas Stars201547
Mitchell TheoretNew Jersey Devils2011196
Mitchell WheatonMinnesota Wild2013138
Morgan BarronArizona Coyotes2017193
Morgan EllisColorado Avalanche
Morgan FrostMinnesota Wild201740
Morgan GeekieSt. Louis Blues201754
Myles BellTampa Bay Lightning2013116
Nate SchnarrPittsburgh Penguins201790
Nathan BastianFlorida Panthers201644
Nathan ClurmanArizona Coyotes2016158
Nathan NoelChicago Blackhawks2016127
Nicholas BokaCarolina Hurricanes2015166
Nicholas CaamanoCarolina Hurricanes2016139
Nick CampoliNew York Islanders2017179
Nick HenryDetroit Red Wings201788
Nick LeivermannTampa Bay Lightning2017191
Nick MerkleyWashington Capitals201521
Nick PastujovFlorida Panthers2016164
Nick SorensenSan Jose Sharks201343
Nick SuzukiToronto Maple Leafs201718
Nick SwaneyToronto Maple Leafs2017203
Nick WaltersNew Jersey Devils2012135
Nicklaus PerbixDallas Stars2017200
Niclas AlmariWashington Capitals2016174
Nico HischierNew Jersey Devils20172
Nicolas HagueCalgary Flames201731
Nicolas MattinenNew York Rangers2016175
Nicolas MelocheToronto Maple Leafs201545
Nicolas RoyWinnipeg Jets201588
Nikita GusevBuffalo Sabres2012154
Nikita KorostelevToronto Maple Leafs2015122
Nikita NesterovBuffalo Sabres2011164
Nikita PavlychevSt. Louis Blues2015179
Nikita PopugaevMinnesota Wild201759
Nikita ScherbakMontreal Canadiens201422
Nikita TryamkinWinnipeg Jets201478
Niklas LundstromNashville Predators2011132
Niklas TikkinenAnaheim Ducks2012136
Niko MikkolaNew York Rangers2015140
Nikolai ChebykinWinnipeg Jets2016163
Nikolai ProkhorkinDallas Stars201272
Nikolaj Krag ChristensenNew York Islanders2016203
Nikolas KobersteinMontreal Canadiens2014165
Noah CarrollSan Jose Sharks2016192
Noah CatesFlorida Panthers2017114
Noah GregorCalgary Flames201696
Noah JuulsenMontreal Canadiens201517
Noah RodSan Jose Sharks201483
Noel HoefenmayerAnaheim Ducks201797
Nolan De JongBuffalo Sabres2013194
Nolan PatrickDetroit Red Wings20171
Nolan StevensFlorida Panthers2016134
Nolan VeseyWashington Capitals2014193
Oleg SosunovDallas Stars2016177
Oliver KylingtonMinnesota Wild201542
Olivier LeblancNew Jersey Devils2014174
Olle Eriksson EkMinnesota Wild2017100
Olle LycksellColumbus Blue Jackets2017204
Olli JuoleviCarolina Hurricanes20169
Oscar DanskMinnesota Wild201230
Oskar LindblomBuffalo Sabres2014125
Oskar SteenNew York Islanders2016171
Oskari LaaksonenPhiladelphia Flyers2017115
Ostap SafinEdmonton Oilers201785
Otto KoivulaWinnipeg Jets2016121
Otto SomppiPhiladelphia Flyers2016160
Owen TippettDallas Stars20176
Parker FooWashington Capitals2017160
Parker WotherspoonChicago Blackhawks201594
Pascal LabergeNew York Rangers201629
Pathrik WesterholmColumbus Blue Jackets2011174
Patrick CehlinNashville Predators
Patrick HarperPittsburgh Penguins2016162
Patrick HollwayTampa Bay Lightning2015169
Patrick KudlaSan Jose Sharks2016191
Patrick SanvidoBuffalo Sabres2014168
Patrick SheaVancouver Canucks2015206
Patrik VirtaLos Angeles Kings2017176
Paul BittnerChicago Blackhawks201530
Pavel JenysNew Jersey Devils2014203
Pavel KarnaukhovCalgary Flames2015148
Pavel KoltyginToronto Maple Leafs2017138
Pavel KraskovskyColumbus Blue Jackets2014159
Peter AnderssonVancouver Canucks2009138
Peter QuennevilleSt. Louis Blues2013178
Peter ThomeSt. Louis Blues2016153
Petr KvacaBoston Bruins2017152
Petrus PalmuColorado Avalanche2017150
Petter HanssonArizona Coyotes2015201
Philip KempArizona Coyotes2017188
Philip NybergDallas Stars2016128
Philippe DesrosiersFlorida Panthers201369
Pierre EngvallColumbus Blue Jackets2014148
Pierre-Luc DuboisBuffalo Sabres20164
Pierre-Olivier JosephBoston Bruins201737
Pontus SjalinColumbus Blue Jackets2014196
Quentin ShoreNashville Predators2013170
Radel FazleevMinnesota Wild2014164
Radovan BondraEdmonton Oilers2015131
Raphael BussieresArizona Coyotes201264
Rasmus AnderssonMinnesota Wild201551
Rasmus AsplundAnaheim Ducks201630
Rasmus BengtssonBuffalo Sabres201178
Rasmus BodinSt. Louis Blues2012163
Reece WilcoxCarolina Hurricanes2012145
Reid DukeCalgary Flames2014147
Reilly WalshOttawa Senators2017105
Reilly WebbNew York Rangers2017197
Rem PitlickNew Jersey Devils201698
Remi ElieSt. Louis Blues201352
Rhett GardnerSt. Louis Blues2016114
Richard NejezchlebSan Jose Sharks2014112
Riley BruceDallas Stars2015204
Riley StillmanWashington Capitals201685
Riley TufteSan Jose Sharks201622
Rob O'GaraPhiladelphia Flyers2011165
Robbie BaillargeonFlorida Panthers2012146
Robert ThomasCarolina Hurricanes201727
Robin KovacsCarolina Hurricanes201558
Robin PressColorado Avalanche2013200
Robin SaloColumbus Blue Jackets201760
Rodrigo AbolsSan Jose Sharks2016204
Roland McKeownMontreal Canadiens201432
Roope HintzNew York Islanders201555
Roope LaavainenWashington Capitals2017141
Ross ColtonEdmonton Oilers2016136
Roy RadkeBuffalo Sabres2015149
Rudolfs BalcersOttawa Senators2015167
Rushan RafikovWashington Capitals2013202
Ryan BednardDallas Stars2015197
Ryan CollinsBoston Bruins201459
Ryan CulkinBuffalo Sabres2012120
Ryan DonatoEdmonton Oilers201439
Ryan GroppWinnipeg Jets201562
Ryan JonesPittsburgh Penguins2016138
Ryan LindgrenLos Angeles Kings201648
Ryan LohinToronto Maple Leafs2016210
Ryan MacInnisOttawa Senators201437
Ryan ManthaPhiladelphia Flyers2014104
Ryan McGregorArizona Coyotes2017192
Ryan O'ConnellToronto Maple Leafs2017183
Ryan PilonPhiladelphia Flyers2015107
Ryan PoehlingWashington Capitals201715
Ryan SheaWashington Capitals2015154
Ryan ZuhlsdorfEdmonton Oilers2015168
Saku MaenalanenCalgary Flames2013118
Saku SalminenFlorida Panthers2013189
Sam JardineBuffalo Sabres2011172
Sam LaffertyNew York Rangers2014118
Sam RuoppColumbus Blue Jackets2015158
Sam SteelSan Jose Sharks201627
Sami AittokallioAnaheim Ducks
Sami NikuToronto Maple Leafs2015171
Samu PerhonenSan Jose Sharks201151
Samuel Dove-McFallsColumbus Blue Jackets2015138
Samuel GirardMinnesota Wild201646
Samuel KurkerPhiladelphia Flyers201270
Samuel MontembeaultTampa Bay Lightning201579
Santeri SaariNew Jersey Devils2013190
Santeri VirtanenCarolina Hurricanes2017111
Scott ReedySan Jose Sharks201795
Scott WalfordWashington Capitals201783
Sean DayOttawa Senators201668
Sean KuralyToronto Maple Leafs2011138
Sean MaloneCarolina Hurricanes2013145
Sebastian CollbergDallas Stars201224
Sebastian D. AhoEdmonton Oilers2017122
Sebastian RepoNew York Islanders2017119
Sebastian WalfridssonCarolina Hurricanes2017140
Sergei KostenkoMinnesota Wild2012190
Sergei ZborovskyNashville Predators201578
Seth AmbrozColumbus Blue Jackets2011100
Shane BowersNew York Islanders201729
Shane EisermanAnaheim Ducks201467
Shane GersichCarolina Hurricanes2014123
Simon BertilssonCalgary Flames200984
Simon BourqueMontreal Canadiens2015150
Simon FernholmNashville Predators2012187
Simon KarlssonColumbus Blue Jackets2011144
Skyler Brind'AmourSan Jose Sharks2017194
Skyler McKenzieCalgary Flames2017185
Spencer SmallmanBoston Bruins2015164
Spencer WatsonMinnesota Wild2014114
Steffen SobergBuffalo Sabres2011106
Stelio MattheosCalgary Flames201765
Stepan FalkovskyCarolina Hurricanes2016146
Stephen DesrocherCalgary Flames2015121
Steven FogartyChicago Blackhawks201190
Steven JohnsonWashington Capitals2014163
Steven RuggieroWinnipeg Jets2015199
Steven ShipleyMontreal Canadiens2010106
Steven SpinnerVancouver Canucks2014194
Stuart SkinnerWashington Capitals201752
Tage ThompsonArizona Coyotes201638
Tanner FaithPhiladelphia Flyers2014158
Tanner KaspickAnaheim Ducks2016117
Tanner LaczynskiToronto Maple Leafs2016195
Tanner RichardWashington Capitals
Tarmo ReunanenNew Jersey Devils2016115
Tate OlsonColorado Avalanche2015210
Taylor CammarataPittsburgh Penguins2013102
Taylor RaddyshCalgary Flames201660
Teemu EronenNew York Rangers2011203
Teemu KivihalmeFlorida Panthers2013129
Terrance AmorosaPhiladelphia Flyers2013156
Theodor BluegerVancouver Canucks201265
Thomas ChabotEdmonton Oilers201526
Thomas DiPauliArizona Coyotes2012110
Thomas NovakNew Jersey Devils201550
Thomas SchemitschWinnipeg Jets201584
Thomas SpellingNew Jersey Devils2012157
Tim BoyleNew York Islanders2012125
Tim HarrisonColumbus Blue Jackets2013181
Tim SoderlundColorado Avalanche201792
Timothy GettingerCarolina Hurricanes2016109
Timothy LiljegrenCalgary Flames201714
Tobias GeisserCarolina Hurricanes2017117
Todd BurgessFlorida Panthers2016104
Tomas HykaTampa Bay Lightning2012121
Tomas VomackaFlorida Panthers2017136
Travis BarronToronto Maple Leafs2016168
Trent FredericTampa Bay Lightning201643
Trenton BourqueColumbus Blue Jackets2017207
Troy JosephsSt. Louis Blues2013176
Troy RutkowskiWinnipeg Jets2010107
Troy TerryToronto Maple Leafs2015165
Tucker PoolmanBuffalo Sabres2013131
Ty RonningWinnipeg Jets2016140
Tyler BensonDallas Stars201635
Tyler BiggsMinnesota Wild201115
Tyler BirdNashville Predators2014156
Tyler InamotoCarolina Hurricanes2017123
Tyler LewingtonWinnipeg Jets2013183
Tyler MoyChicago Blackhawks2015193
Tyler NanneChicago Blackhawks2014184
Tyler ParsonsSan Jose Sharks201631
Tyler SoyColorado Avalanche2016197
Tyler SteenbergenCalgary Flames2017121
Tyler VeselPhiladelphia Flyers2014188
Tyler WallWinnipeg Jets2016143
Tyrell GoulbourneNew Jersey Devils2013100
Tyson JostCarolina Hurricanes201610
Ukko-Pekka LuukkonenTampa Bay Lightning201741
Urho VaakanainenBoston Bruins201730
Valeri VasilievWinnipeg Jets2012155
Vasily GlotovEdmonton Oilers2016169
Veeti VainioLos Angeles Kings2015143
Victor BerglundArizona Coyotes2017190
Victor MeteColorado Avalanche201683
Victor OlofssonBuffalo Sabres2014180
Viktor Crus RydbergToronto Maple Leafs2013115
Vili SaarijarviWashington Capitals201564
Ville RasanenSt. Louis Blues2017202
Vince DunnPhiladelphia Flyers201559
Vincent DesharnaisPhiladelphia Flyers2016178
Vincent DunnBuffalo Sabres2013133
Vladimir BobylevNew York Rangers2016137
Vladislav GavrikovNew York Islanders2015145
Vladislav KaraCalgary Flames2017133
Vojtech BudikAnaheim Ducks2016120
Vojtech MozikChicago Blackhawks
Wade AllisonBoston Bruins201667
Wade MurphyChicago Blackhawks2013191
Warren FoegeleFlorida Panthers201458
Wiley ShermanBuffalo Sabres2013134
Wilhelm WestlundLos Angeles Kings2013169
Will BorgenFlorida Panthers201599
Will ButcherNashville Predators2013127
William BittenChicago Blackhawks201672
William LagessonSan Jose Sharks2014115
William LockwoodPhiladelphia Flyers201662
Wouter PeetersEdmonton Oilers201681
Yan Pavel LaplanteColorado Avalanche201355
Yaroslav KosovColumbus Blue Jackets2011123
Yegor KorshkovBoston Bruins201636
Yegor RykovNew Jersey Devils2016152
Yegor ZaitsevSt. Louis Blues2017206
Yevgeni SvechnikovColumbus Blue Jackets201518
Zach BudishWashington Capitals200937
Zach FischerChicago Blackhawks2017159
Zach GallantPittsburgh Penguins2017107
Zach NagelvoortArizona Coyotes2014130
Zach StepanNew York Rangers2012107
Zachary LauzonDetroit Red Wings201749
Zachary SanfordDetroit Red Wings201381
Zachary SenyshynNew York Rangers201529
Ziyat PayginNew York Islanders2015205