The NsHL Scrapbook
The Founders Table in Bridgewater is where it all began.  From left to right: Marc
McAllister (NJ), Tony Pisano (NYR) VPLO, Commissioner Nathan Kopsack, Adam
Taylor (PHX), and Mike Henderson (VAN)
Draft Day 2004. From Left-Jeff Traver (BOS), Tony Pisano (NYR), Rob Lee (COL),
Adam Taylor (PHX), Mark Kopsack (ANH), Spencer Cawker (WSH), Jim Crozier (TB),
and Nathan Kopsack (Commissioner)  July 24th and 25th, 2004
Here is a tribute to the guy (DAVE BONKOSKY-GM DETROIT RED WINGS) who gave us many laughs throughout
the course of the season.  He was our comedic relief, so to speak.  Enjoy some of the doctored pictures
courtesy of
Travmerica Industries.
(Top picture)-Dave suited up for the injuried Zetterberg.  He played only 2 minutes before
coach Sather  took him out. "You can't hover at center ice all shift long. It's called D-fense.  
Look into it."-said coach Sather of the 'cherry picking' General Manager. (Bottom left)-
BobbleBonkosky night was a huge success at the "JOE" this season. (Bottom right)- Dave
Bonkosky thinks the NsHL is AYYYYY OKAY!!! "Let's go party in my Scirocco" said the GM.
It was a well known fact that the Red Wings and the Anaheim Mighty Ducks became
huge rivals this season.  GM Bonkosky was seen here before practice with his
"ANTI-ANAHEIM" campaign gear on.  Dave still refers to Giguere as the "Flopping
Skyblast 2004-July 23rd. From Right to Left-Spencer Cawker (WSH), Mark Kopsack
(ANH), Jeff Traver (BOS), Mike Henderson (VAN), Nathan Kopsack (Commish), Dave
Bonkosky (DET), and Adam Taylor (PHX).  Draft Day Eve was spent in a Pirates
Super Box watching an impressive game and fireworks show before the Draft
Draft Day 1- July 22nd, 2006. A great turn out to our 3rd annual NsHL Entry Draft
in Bridgewater, Pa. 13 GMs showed up this year with more expected next year!  
From far left to right-Rich Dechellis(NYR),(back)Bill Eggonidis-MIN,Rob
Lee-COL,Mike Henderson-VAN,Adam Taylor-PHX,(back) Jeff Traver-BOS,Andrew
Drummond-CGY,Spencer Cawker-WSH, Nathan Kopsack-Commissioner,Dave
Draft Day 1- July 22nd, 2006. Who was missing from the group picture to the left?
Yes, it was
Roger Gorbet.  Winner of the prestigious Jaegermeister Trophy seen here
the morning after.  Ouch is all I can say. Roger spent the first day of the draft  at
home recovering from the welcome party.
Draft Day 1- July 22nd, 2006- Bill Eggonidis (far right) was talking trade all day
long.  He was seen here trying to 'swindle' something out of Spencer Cawyker
(middle).  Andrew Drummond (left) studies who he's going to take next.
Draft Day 1- July 22nd, 2006- Commissioner Nathan Kopsack(far right) talks with
Dave Bonkosky (middle-right) about stealing his draft selection.  Spencer Cawker
(middle left) and Jeff Traver (back to camera) look on.
Draft Day 1- July 22nd, 2006- Mike Henderson(center) scratches his head and
then makes his selection...."Igor Makarov"......I mean, wait, it's
"Makarov" with the 44th selection.  Jeff Traver (left) looks on.
Draft Day 2- July 23rd, 2006. Roger Gorbet, looking much better after sleeping it
off as he hydrates himself on the 2nd day of the draft.  "No more Jagermeister for
me...and I'll take one of my 38 Euros in Timo Seppanen with the 154th pick." says
the lad.
Draft Day 2- July 23rd, 2006. On the 2nd day of the draft, Calgary's GM Andrew
Drummond summons the expertise of his wife Shelly to make the next pick.  
Shelly led the charge of women to the Grove City outlets for a day of shopping.
Draft Day 2- July 23rd, 2006. Dave does his best facial impression of Billy Baldwin
as he takes "the best available player here".
Draft Day 2- July 23rd, 2006. Dave hugs Chris Malagise, our stand up comedien
for the Commissioner's Cookout the night before as Mark Kopsack yells "bitchin!".  
Chris is still looking for his heffer with cheese for Julio.  I feel a lot of love in this